Our Clientele

We are proud to be associated with our esteemed clients
Retails Segments

Our Tube Ice products are certified of HACCP and ESMA standards to maintain a reputation as a company which never compromises on the quality standards, through which we have been widely accepted by the leading top Supermarkets and Hypermarkets all over the UAE. With large quantities of food items, both packed and unpacked, having to be stored for prolonged periods at a time, we ensure only the best ice products for all the supermarkets, bakeries, hypermarkets and other retail outlets. Besides, our packed ice cubes are also available in packets at almost every leading retail outlet to take along with you on your next trip to Jebel Jais. 

Hospitality Segments

Hospitality segment is considered to be our largest through its influence on our "creativity and diversity" of solutions. Hospitality has broadened our vision and has inspired us to bring more ideas to offer all our clients on the business-to-business level. (Hotels, Restuarants and Bars uses ice products for chilling pruposes.) Moreover, they use Ice products to display food items (both raw and cooked);ensuring that the food flavour is not impacted when its in contact with our ice products, and not to forget the biggest attraction in events or occasions, the grand display of our beautiful ice carvings and sculptures that mesmerize the audience with the artistic brilliance of the skilled talented Artists. 

Fishery and Vegetables Segments

We all know that the reason why fish & vegetables remains fresh is due to the fact that ice is being used in markets to preserve fish & vegetables while shipping and delivering to different locations. Our G & M crushed ice is pure and does not contain any harmful chemicals that can render the fish and vegetables. We ensure compliance with food and safety control regulations in all our products because we care about the environment and humankind. Based on the requirement, we provide ice of various shapes, sizes and weights to our patrons at the fishery and vegetables segments. 

Construction and Ready Mix Segments

Due to hot weather here in UAE, Construction and Ready mix Companies, add reinforced ice to maintain cement mixture temperature before its application. Generally, crushed ice is best for this, due to its fast-cooling ability and quick melting features. Although it is not a very common scenario in other parts of the world, the middle east is home to many wonders including the usage of ice products for the purpose of construction. Mixing reinforced ice with the raw materials ensure proper mixing and consistent composure of the final cement mixture. G & M crushed ice is used by several Construction and Ready Mix companies in the UAE for a very long time. 

Pools/ Private Parties

As the temperature here in UAE is high, G & M provides a unique icy solution to cool down swimming pools by slipping in ice blocks weighing 25Kg a pop, especially in the hot summer, when the heat is unbearable and no amount of showers can satiate the sweltering climate outside. Our out of the box cooling solution has been accepted and loved all over the UAE with many customers calling to refill their pools with our blocks of ice multiple times a month. Once you go the ice way, there is no turning back. Besides reducing the pool temperatures for long periods of time, they make the pool time with your friends and family enjoyable once again. So next time you want to cool down, think of G & M ice.